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A March of Kings Part III

A March of Kings - Morgan Rice

After Gareth had lost one of his most handy council workers out of Gareth's ignorance, he needed to take the heat off of himself. He needed to bring back a topic that he knew would get the rest of the council fired up. So he brought up the murder of his father. The whole council became outraged and were trying desperately to figure out who had murdered the previous king. Only Gareth knew who actually did it. He took this opportunity to get at his brother while also taking off the heat on himself. He announced to the council that he knew who murdered the King. They all became silent while they waited for Gareth to reveal the murderer. Finally he said it... he blamed it on his older brother, Kendrick. The council could not believe what they were hearing. Gareth then got the evidence from the first attempted murder on his father that he had stashed away and said to the council that he had recently found it while going through Kendrick's room. This was a large chance that Gareth was taking, because the entire kingdom adored Kendrick. In fact, they would all rather have him as king instead of Gareth, but Kendrick was not full royal blood. Gareth then watched as the council members argued with each other. The longer they argued, the more doubt about Kendrick that seeped into their minds. Then Gareth realizes that he has gotten rid of one more major problem.