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A Quest of Heroes

A Quest of Heroes - Morgan Rice


Recently, I read "A Quest of Heroes" by Morgan Rice. This book is about a fictional character named Thor. Thor is a son of a poor farmer. Thor has 3 older brothers who are favored by his father more because of their bigger stature. The 3 sons (not including Thor) were all raised to be part of the silver (the kingdoms army). Thor wanted to be part of the silver more than any of them though. After a while, Thor went out into the woods to chase a lost sheep, while he was looking for the sheep, he encountered a minotaur. He had no idea what to do, so he just charged it, and noticed that he had a mysterious ability that kicked in during dangerous situations. After this had happened, he immediately ran into the city center, to show the silver his power. Once he got to the arena, he saw one of the king's son in a jousting match. Right before the king's son was about to be impaled, Thor unknowingly saved him with his new ability. The king and the kingdom became grateful of Thor. He was then added to the silver. Throughout the rest of the book, he proves to everyone that he can be just as good as a knight as anyone else (even without his power). Thor eventually gets into trouble after he claims that he foresaw the future, but no one believed him. After what he predicted would happen, happened, the kingdom blamed him for the incident, until he broke out of prison and explained himself. This book is full of plot twists, with a vast number of different characters. It keeps you on your toes throughout the entire book, with many adventures. All in all, it is a great introduction to the amazing series by Morgan Rice.